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Discover the Benefits of Attaining a Flat Tummy from a Port Moody Personal Trainer

Ask any woman who is trying to lose some weight and the answer you will get is that the most immediate area where she would like to shed off the fat is the tummy. Every woman adores having a flat toned tummy. If you discover the nooks and crannies in cutting the belly fat from a Port moody personal trainer, you will be able to achieve greater body shapes and keep the body in good form.

A flat tummy make one look slimmer and more proportionate in shape. It also makes one look taller in addition to fitting clothes better. Getting rid of tummy fat is not just about the appearance and gorgeous look. There is more than that. Studies have shown that people who have a large midriff are close to 3 times more likely to die of heart disease even when they are within the healthy weight range.

The fat that is stored in belly region tend to be more dangerous than the other fat stored in rest of body. That fat increases the bad cholesterol and messes up with your blood sugar. It also increase the blood pressure and risk of having heart attack. That spare tire around the tummy could do you more harm and you should get rid of it.

When doing exercises for wading off the tummy fat, you can try to diversify in order to get good results. For things like push ups consider adopting different variations. Decline push up version is a bit difficult because you have to raise your feet on a bench or box. The box or bench height may be adjusted accordingly in order to either increase or decrease the resistance with use of your body weight.

Push are fun when you discover some of these variations. The clapping push up is one exercise that needs a lot of power. You have to push yourself up using much power in order to allow you clap in midair before the hands touch the ground. It is an exercise that should not be done by a neophyte exerciser because it could pose potential injury to the wrist if your hands do not land on the floor properly.

In terms of diet, you have to ensure you get it correct. Spreading the meals can do some magic and eating some hours before you go to bed to allow for digestion to take place. With small balanced meals, they will help to keep the body metabolism running efficiently. The body will tend to store fat when it feels like it is going to a starvation mode, thus you have to ensure that you eat frequently in small bits, but healthy foods or even snacks.