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Find Out How to Get Toned Without Losing Your Weight from a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

You may find it difficult to tone your muscles without reducing your weight. Acquiring those toned muscles will require strength training and weight lifting and most probably, it will contribute to weight loss at the same time. Because muscles weigh more than fat, it means that toning without losing weight could seem paradoxical in the initial moments. Nonetheless, a Coquitlam personal trainer can assist you to learn how you can get those toned muscles while at the same time not losing your weight.

Of course, not all exercisers would want to lose weight. If you manage your diet, it would also help in toning muscles without losing weight. When you eat nutritious diet that consists of protein-rich foods without creating a calorie deficit, you can easily achieve your training goal.

Some of the exercises which can help you tone your muscles and build the strength are pull ups, pushups, reverse crunches, crunches, side planks, lunges, chest expanders, and squats. These exercises normally use the body weight in targeting parts such as the legs, chest, arms, and the core.

Another way is build endurance and toning with use of weights but with more repetitions. If you use heavier weights, ensure you make fewer repetitions, although this activity could add more to your weight if you fail to manage your diet properly.

There are free weights and everyday items, which you can use to substitute free weights including canned goods and water bottles. You may also use ankle weight in performing leg lifts. Try to perform moves like rows, flies, curls, extensions, and triceps kickbacks, as these are free weight exercises.

Moreover, you want to try performing enough repetitions using non-weight exercises or alternatively use the weights that are heavy enough to cause some minor muscle fatigue after you have completed your exercise. Ensure you give time for the muscles to recover after you have had the exercises.

Allowing about 24 hours before you begin the exercises again will ensure that the muscles recover for the next workout. Working out goes hand in hand with diet management. Without managing your diet, no matter how efficient you work out, you may not get good results.

When you are exercising, add more health calories right to your diet in order to make up for those calories that you burn. Ensure you take a healthy diet and make more use of proteins for the muscle build-ups. Work closely with a personal trainer to get more tips on how you can tone those body muscles without losing a lot of weight.