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Understand How to Deal With Flabby Skin after Weight Loss from a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

Many people struggling with excess weight look forward to accomplish an improvement in their weight loss goal. This way, it helps them enhance their health, build an attractive body image, and develop their self-esteem. However, the results of losing weight can create a lamenting flabby and loose skin that hangs around the legs and midsections. You can understand more about the causes of the sagging skin and how you can use strength training to get rid of it through a Coquitlam personal trainer.

First, it is important to understand what causes the loose skin after a weight loss. When you gain more weight, the skin will stretch in order to accommodate the increasing fluids and fat in body. Besides, the dieting you take especially the yo-yo type will exacerbate skin stretch.

The stretching will reduce the elasticity of your skin something that makes it remain loose and hang around the body. Other aspects such as rapid weight loss through surgery can also cause loose skin. Sun damage, smoking, and advancing age will cause the skin to appear loose.

While that loose skin may get back to its constricted state if you are not regaining weight, for some people, it may stay hanging. This becomes an embarrassment for many people, though it is not a disease. With that loose skin, it will tend to rub against itself, creating friction, and trapping bacteria and sweat. This could increase irritation of skin and lead to development of rashes or even allergic conditions and possible yeast infections.

If not checked, some people may return to overeating as one way of trying to eliminate the sagging skin. However, through strength training, it can help those with such sagging skin. A person who was previously morbidly obese, he or she may have weak and underdeveloped muscles.

With strength training, it can help in building the muscles and assists in decreasing the look of sagging skin by developing a smooth and even surface where the skin can rest. Since strength training can help in building bulk, it is one way of helping to cover up some of sagged skin.

Nonetheless, this training may not eliminate all the sagging skin. At times, your personal trainer will recommend that you see a doctor if you are not improving on this problem. A surgery may be performed in those people who do not respond well to natural ways of reducing the sagging of skin after losing their weight.

For those who respond well in exercises for eliminating sagging skin, they may not need to do surgery. Surgeries have risks and some candidates may not be advised to have them performed in their bodies. Try to work closely with your personal trainer and nutritionists to find out the best possible ways to reduce sagging skin after you have lost weight. This may be the best approach.