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Using Bridge Workouts to Tone Your Abs with Help of a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

Having that slender and firm torso makes you look attractive and this is something you obviously want to achieve. However, you also need to have toned legs and butt in order to pep up that attractive look further. Interestingly, with help of a Coquitlam personal trainer, you can discover how a single exercise, the bridge workout, could drive you to achieving all those attraction quotients.

Bridge workout entails a stability exercise and is part of the Pilates and Yoga poses. While yoga and Pilates are done differently, they are able to give the same results, which is a stronger core. Bridge workout is among the best exercises, which you can use to tone down those abs, and particularly if you have a weak back or have an injured back.

You may decide to have your bridge workout the Pilates way. In this exercise, you lied down on the floor or mat with your back and then spread the legs at hips breadth apart. Then bend the knees and position your foot firmly on the floor mat while ensuring that the foot and knees are at the hip width.

Then, bring your heels close as you can to the butt and let your arms to rest alongside the body while the elbows rest on floor. Allow the outer part of palms to rest on floor at least 3 inches from the hips and make sure it helps in creating core stability. While taking a deep inhalation, breathe out and then push the hips towards ceiling.

Make sure that your pelvis and navel are drawn inwards to the spine as close as possible and keep the abdominal muscles engaged. Now, press your foot firmly on floor while pushing the hips high as though you are trying to reach the ceiling with your buttocks. While ensuring you do not hurt the spine, keep on squeezing your abdomen to lift the hips.

Also make sure you keep the shoulders on floor mat so that weight of body does not rest on the neck. You should be able to make the thighs have a 180-degree angle to the floors, and at this time, you are at the peak. You can hold that pose for about three inhalations and exhalations. After completing the exhalations, you can now relax and release the body to the initial position.

When performing the bridge workout of the Pilates pose, make sure you do the moves correctly and carefully. It is essential that you learn these moves with help of a qualified yoga or Pilates fitness trainer. This is because any mistakes can lead to serious injuries of the back, shoulder, and neck. The bridge workout of the yoga pose may have some variations but will offer similar results to the Pilates bridge workout.