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How A Coquitlam Personal Trainer Can Help You Lose Weight through Muscle Toning

Adopting the right exercises can help you manage your weight and at the same time develop your muscle tone. By using circuit training, you can shed off the unwanted pounds and create a leaner body muscle look. A Coquitlam personal trainer can take you through the process of building muscle tone and at the same time reducing your weight.

For people struggling with weight gain, they would like to indulge in exercises that can help them reduce their weight steadily and effectively. Building muscle tone using what is referred to as resistance training can be the most effective way to help you shed those unwanted extra fat in body. And when you add cardio, it is a buff!

It is important to understand how building your muscle tone can also help you lose weight. To start with, you will need to burn more calories but at the same time, ensure you increase the tone of muscles like you do in elliptical or bike exercises. This is especially so in the case you are doing circuit training since you will need to perform exercises back to back while taking the least minimal rests as possible.

You will most likely get the great burn of calories when you use free weights contrary to using machines. With free weights, they entail use of exercises that do not require machines or other accessories but only resistance of the body weight such as the planks, push-ups, pull-ups, chest expanders, crunches, lunges, reverse crunches, and squats.

Such exercises not only allow you to stabilize yourself but also give you an opportunity to perform other exercises when you are standing. This helps you burn more calories than you would do when you are sitting, or performing exercises using a machine in a seated position.

Since circuit training offers a more efficient and effective workout, it allows you to spend less time in gym yet get the desired results.

Remember it not how long or time you spend in gym facilities doing exercises but how you do those workouts that will determine the final outcome. You may spend many hours every day in a gym or workout program but you are not getting the same results as a person who does only 10 or 20 minutes of workouts. Muscles tend to burn about three times the rate of burning fat.

One way you can picture this aspect broadly is taking your body to be like a furnace and the muscles as the burners. In such a case, when you increase the toning of your muscles, it means you add more burners to that furnace or body, and this in turn causes you to actually burn more fat in an efficient manner. At the end, you will have lost more pounds.