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Understand A Few Myths on Spot Training with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

There is a belief that you can target a specific area of body muscle toning by concentrating on exact muscle groups. This is often called spot training, which allows an exerciser to put more emphasis on only a specific muscle group. However, a Coquitlam personal trainer will tell you this is a misconception, which may not work out for many people.

There is a notion that you can increase the muscles tone and be able to lose weight in only one body region. For example, you may target back of your arms or the upper legs by lifting weights. One thing, which people need to realize, is that fat is lost inconsistently and unevenly in the entire body.

There are factors that will affect the way in which fat is lost in body including the genetic makeup. For instance, if you are born in a family, which has the females with pear shape, then you are more likely to lose your bat winds prior to losing the thunder thighs. On the other hand, if your grandma has or had an apple figure, it could mean you inherited that shape on genetic transfer, and this could affect the way in which you lose weight.

Well! There are other many factors, which will determine the way in which your body is able to lose weight and you should expect some kind of variations. When you know the basics of losing weight through exercises, you can work closely with a personal trainer so as to discover the best techniques and workouts to apply, and how you perform them.

When you are toning your muscles, you could as well burn fat on your body. However, this does not mean that with arm exercises through weight lifting, it will only target the fat in the upper body. Neither does it mean that with weight lifting using your legs specifically targets the fat in the lower body

You may get a different result when you try to use spot training as a way of losing weight specifically when you target a certain muscle or body part. A very important thing to mention here is that when you increase your muscles tone, you also increase that excess post-workout oxygen consumption. This is a phenomenon that elevates the metabolism activity after you have had a workout and not during the time of working out.

It is such an interesting thing since when you build muscle tone using resistance training, it allows you to burn calories when at home watching you TV because of the post-exercise oxygen consumption. An elevated metabolism rate after a workout happens more with resistance training than with cardio workouts. You will be able to burn more calories at home when resting after you have done resistance training than when you have done a cardio workout.