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How to Make the Best Out of Weights and Cardios with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

Cardios and weights are important if you are going to lose weight and tone your muscles. However, these exercises have to be done properly in order to derive good results. By working closely with a Coquitlam personal trainer, you can discover how you can reap the best out of these exercises. In weight training, the best thing you can do is choose a variety of multi-joint exercises, which are capable of hitting different muscles groups.

You can include different moves such as deadlifts, lunges, squats, rows, and pushups as the majority form of exercises in your workout programs. You may want to perform two lower body exercises and three to four upper body workouts during each session of your training. Ensure that you perform these exercises for about three to four sets consisting of around 10 reps.

One thing you will discover is that this kind of set up in your workout goes against the traditional recommendation where you use light weights but for higher reps when toning the body. Realize that lifting heavier weights provides you with a greater anabolic response something that results to faster way of losing fat.

Since you are seeking for an effective fat burning as well as muscle toning exercise, you can opt for the heavier weights. Always ensure you work out safely because failure to take safety measures could result to strain of joints or tissues when using heavy weights. For cardio workouts, they can help in toning the muscles.

If you want to lose weight and at the same time tone the muscles, one thing you cannot beat is interval training. You can increase your cardio intensity through interval training because it not only saves you your precious time in training but also keeps burning the fat way long after you stop exercising. With interval training, it entails alternating between workouts with bursts of maximum efforts and slightly longer and easier sessions of cardio.

Consider warming up and then doing a maximum intensity workout for about 10 minutes before easing back to a steady speed exercise for about one minute. With interval training, it can be done using gym cardio machine or alternatively, you can make use of a different exercises such as sprinting in the open ground outside the gym or your home.

But remember that diet is key in losing weight and toning up. Unless you adopt a healthy diet, you might not be able to achieve good results. Make sure you focus on eating unprocessed food which makes you feel full for example lean meat, whole grains, vegetable, fruits, and low fat diary. Moreover, keep the pace of losing weight within the recommended duration.

Losing one or two pounds in every week is critical if you are going to manage the adverse effects of weight loss such as sagging of skin. Sometimes, you may find that you have hit a weight loss plateau. What you can do is add about 10 to 40 minutes of some moderate intensity cardio after every interval training.