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Tempo Training for a Slim Body with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

Slimming can be difficult for those who want to have that well toned physique. If you feel that you are in a plateau in achieving your weight loss goal, you may want to visit a Coquitlam personal trainer to begin examining your training needs and what best can work for you. There are many exercises, which you can use to slim the body.

Tempo training or matrix training is one way in which you can keep that body toned. It can help in losing weight. With tempo training, it is a style of exercising which entails mix up of speed in different reps. Matrix training is usually based on similar proven fat burning principles. While in tempo training, you would do the reps from bottom of movement straightaway to the top and back, on the other hand, on matrix training, you have each exercise performed from various different points with full range movements.

What this means is that the time you are under tension or the time in which the muscles contract is usually extended within the different workouts in matrix training. When you make the alternation from tempo training to matrix training, you are able to create potential for the muscles to work almost three times harder. This has a significant improvement in losing weight.

In each of these exercises, there are same structures in different levels. You will have full reps and then you do five half reps in the bottom range, and further have some other five half reps targeted at the top range before you finish with five full reps. You can perform your routine for about three to four times in a week in order to be able to get good results.

Ensure that you take about one and half minutes of rest between the different sets. Since different people may be in different stages of their training, they need to ensure they do the exercises depending on their level of workout. For the beginners, they may not need to have many sets since their bodies have not accustomed to the workouts.

Beginners can take about three sets of these exercises while for intermediate exercisers, they can take about four reps. For the advanced exercisers, they could do up to five sets. Women can take advantage of tempo training and matrix training to help them lose their weights and slim their bodies. Through these routines, women can shake up their fitness training and be able to melt down those last extra pounds they have in their body for that perfect look.