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The Truth about Attaining Flat Abs with Coquitlam Weight Loss

One aspect that many exercisers complaint about is working on their lower pooch for many years but without getting that flat abs despite having a good diet. This may not come as a surprise because frankly speaking, it is not easy to develop that flat abs. At Coquitlam Weight Loss, we understand the need for individuals to have that contoured flat abs, and this is why different fitness approaches are offered to individuals and groups.

It requires doing the exercise, complementing exercises with the abs-friendly diet regime, and being persistent in workout. Despite the fact that many people think they can be able get the flat abs by doing enough ab exercises, that might be true but then again there is more than that. Most people still believe that if they are not achieving the desired body shape, then they should be doing something wrong.

The naked truth is that getting that six pack abs is not simple and perhaps if yours has not formed yet, it is not what you are doing that might be the problem. If you have been hitting the gym and doing all those crunches and you are still wondering why you are not developing that flat abs, then you are probably operating in one of the biggest myths of losing weight.


You might have the notion that you can do an exercise for one particular area of body and shed out that excess fat. This myth is quite popular and to demonstrate that, just pick up any popular physical fitness magazine and you will discover many headlines that are actually feeding people to belief they can develop flat abs by doing one exercise targeting a specific area.


You may have seen publications in fitness magazines like “Banish that Belly Fat by Toning, Tightening, and Trimming in Just 7 moves.” Isn’t such a statement showing that you can flatten that abs with 7 moves? If so, then why would everyone not want to achieve that abs? These are some of the statements that keep people stuck where they are and not able to make progressive changes in developing their abs.


Before you even think of developing your abs, consider whether it is the right goal for you. Even many instructors who have hit the gym years and years will attest that some have never seen flat abs. That said and done, if you want to move ahead and achieve that goal, consider talking to a personal trainer.


You will be able to understand the truth about working your abs and what you can achieve and what you cannot. If you have been in such a situation, it is about time you let go those old unrealistic goals and set some new ones. You might probably get clear ideas of what it takes you to get that flat abs.