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Discover How Strength Training Can Slow Down Aging Process

When one is aging, he or she will experience muscle loss. There is a common misconception that when people reach the senior age, it is normal for them to stop being active and begin using aids like wheelchairs. A Coquitlam personal trainer will tell you that exercising has no borders and does not discriminate on age. Whether you are in your youthful stage or at the old age, you can benefit from the exercises.

Just because you are getting old, there is no reason why you should not remain physically, socially, mentally, and sexually active. You need to live healthy and vibrant lifestyles regardless of your age, until you kick the bucket. One reason why older people will slow down in their active life including exercising is because their muscles have wasted away. Their physical performance as well as metabolism has decreased significantly thus being less efficient.

Muscles usually have high-energy requirement whether you are sleeping or running. When you are asleep, your muscles will use close to 25 percent of calorie or energy. If you implement the fundamentals of effective strength training, and have a consistent workout program, you are able to step up the lean muscles mass in your body as well as increase the body metabolic rate.

When there is an increase in muscle tissue, it will cause the metabolic rate to increase and the same happens the opposite, where you decrease your metabolism rate with reduced muscles tissue. Therefore, if you want to decrease the body fat and eliminate the risk of diseases while boosting your physical performance, then you have to consider strength training.

It will condition the metabolism rate, which in turn will help in building muscle tissue. One mistake, which people make, is failing to include strength-training routines when they begin their weight management programs. They may tend to concentrate on cardiovascular exercises and adapt a low fat diet but they don’t take the strength training as an important element in their training routine.

Unfortunately, when you cut calories without exercising, you also lose your muscle tissue along with the fat. You have to strike a balance when exercising so that you do not leave out some important routines. A personal trainer can assist you in selecting different exercises, which can help you counter the aging process and improve your muscle mass while keeping the body strong even during the old age.