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Why a Coquitlam Personal Trainer Will Advise You to Take Circuit Training

Circuit training workouts combine strength training with the aerobic exercises. It is a type of exercise, which involves jogging in between exercise stations. When you are in individual stations, you will perform exercises such as dynamic strength training, flexibility training, and static strength training. You can consider doing jogging circuit training between the stations so that you keep the heart rate elevated through the workouts. A Coquitlam personal trainer will help you perform the circuit training exercises the right way so that you derive optimal benefits.

When performed properly, this kind of training will offer many benefits. Generally, the training will involve doing successive weight lifting arranged in different stations to target your major muscles groups from the smallest to the largest. During each station exercise, you will take short rests that may not last for more than 30seconds and then move on to the next station.

You can use weightlifting loads of approximately between 40 and 60 percent of your maximum strength ability so that you perform the desired number of repetitions in each exercise. This will however depend on your fitness level and preferences.

Like other weightlifting workouts, the circuit training helps improve muscular strength or ability to produce force. But because of the moderate weightlifting loads you use alongside the high number of repetitions you do in each station, you will less likely improve your strength with this form of training compared to others.

If you want to enhance muscular strength, there are specific exercises that you can do with help of a trainer. Nonetheless, if you are up for strength training using circuit exercises, you can shun training the traditional way and decide to lift weights that have more loads but do fewer repetitions. Moreover, this training also enhances the endurance of your muscles or the ability to perform muscular activity in a given time.

Your muscular endurance for example will determine how many pushups you can do before you are tired or how many flights of stairs you are able to climb before the legs are tired. In developing circuit-training routines, trainers will introduce a variety of exercises as well as equipment.

You do not need to use expensive equipment since there are low cost equipment that can serve the purpose such as jump ropes, surgical tubing, dumbbells, your own body weight, medicine balls, and weight training machines. By allowing short internals of rest in between the different stations, you are able to gain cardiovascular fitness while benefiting from resistance training.