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What You Need To Know About Tricep Exercises from a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

When you are working on those biceps, then there is no need of neglecting the other side of the arm. When you have muscles imbalances, it may cause injuries and pain. Your triceps work hard when you are doing your daily activities like pushing something. You can learn more about tricep exercises by consulting with a Coquitlam personal trainer. Tricep exercises are intended to help you strengthen those muscles that are located at back of the upper arms.

The stronger those muscles are, the better of you are in pushing objects. While these tricep muscles are also small, you need to remember that if they are not strongly built, you may have to use much weight for the back and chest. Muscles located at back of upper arms are known as triceps brachii or simply triceps.

There are three main strands of muscles in this group. The long head is located on your back, while the lateral head muscles are located near to the shoulders, and there is the much small strand known as the medial head. When you are engaging in a pushing motion, and you need to extend the elbows, these muscles are solicited.

The triceps exercises will need the support of neighboring muscles such as the chest, shoulders, as well as the inner forearm muscles. They are some of the muscles that are visible in your body and you might want to put more focus on them. Tricep exercises are popular in many gym facilities. With a wide range of fitness equipment, you can help build and strengthen your triceps.

You can use the dumbbells and the barbells alongside other gym equipment to work out these muscles. The most notable tricep exercise is certainly the tricep extension. In this exercises, you push the dumbbells up above the head but ensure you keep the upper arms still.

Tricep kickback is another exercise that you can do. This exercise involves kneeling down using one keen right on a workout bench and pushing dumbbells back while at the same time you keep the upper arm still but perpendicular to floor during the entire time of the exercise.

Your personal trainer can develop the right routine for your tricep exercises to ensure you get the best results. You can do up to three tricep exercises in non-consecutive days within the days. However, if you are lifting some heavy weights, you may need to have at least two day’s rest before you can do the next set of triceps.