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When You Need Stretch Exercises For Your Weight Training

With stretch exercises, they are primarily meant to enhance the flexibility of muscle by elongating them. These exercises are not much to do with weight training, but they can be included in workouts because they help reduce physical injury. To ensure that you do your stretch exercises appropriately, you can get in touch with a Coquitlam personal trainer. The wide knowledge about fitness training possessed by trainers ensures that exercisers adopt the best exercise regimes for their workouts while also reducing on injuries.

Some moves are complex to execute and if you attempt to do them the wrong way, it may result to injuries. The stretch exercises can be performed as part of warm up before you indulge in the vigorous workouts. If you want to exercise in an intense form, it is better to first warm up your body.

There have been debates as to whether stretch exercises should be done before a weight training or after. It would be nice if these exercises are featured before and after your workout. When you stretch before working out, you loosen the muscles as well as tendons so that they do not suffer from tension the moment you get to the real business of strength training.

Nonetheless, there has been some argument that when you stretch before you indulge in strenuous exercises, it results to small muscle tears that could increase the chances of getting injuries when you begin your vigorous workouts. Therefore, there is some advice that stretch exercises can be more effective when they are done during the cool down period after you have had the hard workouts.

It is upon the fitness trainers to tell you when you can best use the stretch exercises to get the best results. But one thing you need to know is that you should always warm up prior to stretching. This means that stretching alone may not be used as a warm up. Warming up beforehand will take care of the tiny elongations thus reducing the risk of small muscle tears.

In addition, you should not bounce into one stretch but ensure you do it progressively. Start slow and then increase the stretching and try to hold the stretches for maximum time, say 10 minutes before you can let the stretch go. If you feel that a stretch is painful, do not hold on to it. Stretch exercises need not be painful. If you have pain, it may be that you are doing it incorrectly or the muscle may not be properly disposed.