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Learn More about Anaerobic Exercises from A Pitt Meadows Personal Trainer

Anaerobic exercises are designed to increase the force, which the muscle contractions are able to generate. These forms of exercises can increase the muscle strength, the power output and the speed. Good examples of anaerobic exercises you can do with a Pitt Meadows personal trainer are such as the sprinting, weightlifting, and plyometrics. During the exercises, one performs fewer but more intensive muscle contractions when compared to aerobic exercises.

With aerobics, it involves doing continuous movements using the large group of muscles for instance your legs. Examples of aerobic exercises are such as swimming, cycling, and walking or jogging.  In anaerobic exercises like weightlifting, you can exhaust the muscles after just few contractions simply because there is a lot of intensity in the contraction.

With anaerobic exercise that exhausts your muscles within 15 or less repetitions, it can offer good strength. But when you increase the power within each contraction, you may find that the same exercise that could take 15 repetitions is done in less than six repetitions. Anaerobic implies without oxygen, and when you are doing anaerobic exercises, the moves create more demand for oxygen than is supplied.

While aerobic exercise is usually fueled by oxygen, on the contrary, the anaerobic exercise is fueled by that energy which is in muscles. Anaerobic exercises will be of high intensity and done in a short duration which is the opposite of aerobic, where you have a sustained activity and in moderate intensity.

Anaerobic workouts can help in improving muscle strength. The short but extreme bursts will increase the level of fast-twitch muscle fibers within the body. With fast-twitch muscle fiber, this is what the body relies on to give that extra energy to perform an intense activity like lifting a heavy load or increasing your speed. These exercises also increase muscle mass.


Intense bursts can cause micro-tears in muscles. In a bid to repair the microteared muscles, it is that process that gives them a stronger, bigger, and toned look. Anaerobic exercises will also increase the metabolism rate. When you boost your muscle mass from this training, you create hungrier tissue, which means that the metabolism rate has to be stepped up to feed those tissues with oxygen and nutrients.

The body will be able to burn more fuel for extended hours even after you complete the high intensity exercise. When this exercise becomes part of your regular workouts, you are able to encounter decreased soreness. But for beginner programs, it is inevitable to go without soreness in anaerobic exercises. The soreness develops after the intense workouts.