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Discover How Walking Helps You in Workouts with A Pitt Meadows Personal Trainer

Walking is a form of aerobic exercise that is done with moderate intensity for extended time frame. Walking is quite a balanced exercise for many people regardless of which age bracket they fall under. It is one exercise that can be done by the young and the old. A Pitt Meadows personal trainer can assist you in deriving optimal benefits from walking.

Many people can maintain a certain modesty level of fitness by just walking regularly. Since it does not require special techniques to perform this workout, it is easy for your joints. When you are walking, you have at least one foot on placed ground meaning there is some stability. Besides, the force in which the foot will strike the ground is not more than the weight of a person.

One thing with walking is that it will burn fewer calories in body when compared to running. It also places less demands for your heart. By walking slowly, it may not make you become very fit. However, if you can walk faster, then you may enhance the fitness level. In order to be able to walk faster, you can take longer steps as you move the legs fast.

The steps may be lengthened by swiveling your hips from one side to another in order for the feet to be able to reach the furthest forward. When you swivel your hips, you make the toes to point outwards as the feet touches the ground. This means that your toes do not reach further forward as they can when they are pointing straight ahead.

Another thing is that excessive hip swiveling may strain the hip joint, something that could contribute to osteoarthritis. It is advisable to point the toes straight when you walk. When you move your arms faster, it also helps you to move the feet faster. You can move the arms faster by bending the elbows so that you shorten the swinging and reduce the time it would take for the arms to sway back and forth from shoulder.

Walking may prove difficult in people who have poor balance or some form of body weakness. People with severe joint injury may also find it difficult. If you want to strength the upper body, you may find that walking does little to achieve that. Therefore, this kind of aerobic exercise should be complemented with others to allow you work out different parts of body.