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Aerobics: Step, Dancing, And Water Aerobics

Aerobic exercise entails moderate workouts involving large muscle groups done for extended period. For example, swimming, walking, and jogging are some aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises can be performed to enhance cardiorespiratory endurance and help in losing weight. With guidance of a Pitt Meadows personal trainer, people are able to exercise aerobic dancing at their own pace.

For weight loss, you can do low intensity aerobics which last for about 45 minutes. For better cardiorespiratory endurance, you may need to step the intensity of aerobics and do it in a relatively shorter period, say between 20 to 30 minutes. Aerobic dancing is a very popular type of workout, which targets the entire body.

Using light to moderate weight, you can dance and improve your muscle strength. The dancing together with the weights helps increase the challenges as well as the demand for muscles. It is one workout routine that can be full of fun. The lively music as well as familiar routines will spruce up the experience you get from this training.

The exercises may also be performed at home using videotapes. You can do a low impact aerobic dance, which does away with the pounding, and jumping you get with regular aerobic dancing. The low impact exercise puts less strain on joints and the hip joints.

But if you are losing weight, you need to create more intensity on your aerobic meaning you will have to jump and pounder around. With a personal trainer, he or she can assist you get the best results and avert straining your ligaments, muscles, and joints. This type of activity also does not do very well for muscle strengthening.

Step aerobics is intended to work on the front and back muscles of the upper legs. These muscles are the quadriceps and the hamstrings. In doing the exercises, a person steps up and down from raised platforms or a step. Some music may be set at designated pace to help you in the steps.

When muscles begin to get sore, one should stop the exercise and go for a different workout then return to the same several days after.  Water aerobic forms a good choice for the old people and those who have weak muscles. This is because this form of exercise prevents one from falling on hard surfaces and there is support for the body. This is an exercise that can work for people with arthritis or those who are going through injury rehabilitation.