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Sports Fitness Training: What is Power Training?

Exercises are created to offer different outcomes. People will train for a variety of reasons and choosing the right workouts will assist in getting results fast. Power training helps reduce the amount of time it would take to apply a given amount of force. When you talk about power, you imply speed and acceleration. These are crucial elements in any sport. Power training will give functional strength. It allows athletes to apply the greatest amount of maximum strength but within a short period of time. You can imagine the kind of energy that would be required to sprint a 100-metre sports competition. Certainly, a lot! Power training is paramount for many sports men and women. You can learn more about sport fitness transformation with help of a Coquitlam fitness trainer. And what does power training involve?
• Power training may involve compound lifts such as bench presses and squats but these are done explosively. The weights are accelerated uniformly during the lift meaning you apply more force than needed during the entire movement.
• Polymetrics are explosive workouts such as box jumps, squat jumps, and pushups. These exercises are designed to increase the speed and power in your training.
• Power training is similar to strength training particularly on sets and the rest periods but there is a difference in the starting weight. The starting weight in power training is lower because the lift has to be performed with a lot of velocity.
• When power training, there is an optimal point where real power development is realized.

Many of the athletic activities will involve faster movements and higher power outputs than one may get from maximal strength exercises. If an athlete cannot apply his or her strength rapidly even if they are exceptionally strong, it means they have no that explosive power.

Athletes who train for sports and have a good experience in weight training may do polymetrics such as jumps, squats, and power cleans. Proper guidance is needed when you are doing power training to ensure you attain your goals. Fitness trainers can incorporate the right workouts that will fit your training needs.