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Which Fitness Training Is Right for You

People are different and what may work for one person might not work for others. You will need proper evaluation of your fitness needs in order to know which exercises and workouts will work best for you. A Coquitlam fitness trainer is the best-placed person to assist you choose the right exercises. Whether you are hitting the gym or training at home, you should make sure you do the appropriate workouts and execute the moves properly. There are a number of fitness training regimes and they are intended to produce different results;
• Core muscle training: The core muscles are those running along your trunk and torso and they help in stabilizing the body when you lift. When you have a weak core, you will not only reduce your ability to lift but also increase the chances of getting injuries. Having a strong core will improve performance and bring good posture.
• Flexibility training: If your body is not flexible, you find it difficult to bend. It makes it harder for you to lift weight and could pose potential dangers. While flexibility training may be seen as fitness goal by itself, however, it is one element that is incorporated for better results in any workouts. If you do not stretch properly, over time, lifting will minimize your natural flexibility. This may impair your everyday life function.
• Muscle growth and strength training: The strength training is intended to work out the central nervous system. It will condition it so that it can lift more. With strength training, it needs lower rep ranges about 1-5 with longer breaks. For muscle growth training, you have more rep ranges of about 8 to 12 and with shorter rest periods.

In essence, core training entails workouts such as exercises for lower back, abdomen, glutes hips, and hip adductors. Exercises like planks and crunches as well as use of medicine balls will create a strong core. Compound free weight exercises including deadlifts and squats will also work on the core. Sports like basketball and soccer are also excellent in building your core muscles.