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Ideal Exercises to Strengthen Your Bones

Bone weakness is likely to occur as a person ages or reaches the menopause. There may occur substantial bone loss if you are taking some medications such as corticosteroids for arthritis treatment. With regular exercise, you can counter the effects caused by bone loss by ensuring that you give your bones the healthy they need. Just the same way muscles will grow stronger when you exercise, so are your bones. The most effective exercises for building your bones are those, which consists of weight bearing or the ones that will make your muscles to work out against gravity. A Coquitlam fitness trainer can assist you find the most rewarding exercises to help keep the bones in good shape;

  • Resistant training: Strength or resistance training is one way you can stop or prevent bone loss and begin building your bones. You can do these exercises with weight machines, free weights, or using elastic exercise bands. If you cannot attend gym classes, you can do the exercises at home. It does not have to be expensive to perform these exercises. Using inexpensive weights bought from discount stores can provide you will the a good workout.
  • Walking: It is cheap and easy. Regular walking can help in strengthening your hips. You can walk anywhere and in any weather. You do not need to have special equipment in order to walk apart from some comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Walking 30 minutes a day spread in different times can do the trick. You do not have to do all the walking at once.
  • Elliptical machines: A gym facility can provide you with machines and accessories for your fitness. You can use the exercise bicycle and the elliptical machine to work out your hips and legs. A bike at a reclining position where the weight is spread over the buttocks and back may help give some good results. A personal trainer will assist you on how to use the machines for optimal fitness benefit.


A healthy bone structure reduces the risk of suffering from bone fracture and improves your mobility. Having healthy bones will assist you in your day to day tasks. Make sure you do the right exercises and execute the moves properly to prevent injury.