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Jumping Rope: Train Everywhere With This Cheap Exercise Equipment

You may be wondering when you did a jump rope last- perhaps it might have been in your childhood. A piece that will sell for a few dollars, fits into your briefcase, and may be used by the whole family, could see you transform your body. Jumping rope provides an easily portable exercise equipment and will not cost you much. The good thing is that you can do your workout anywhere. You can consult with a Coquitlam fitness coach to discover how you can make use of jumping rope to enhance your physical fitness. Jumping rope can offer many benefits and they include;

  • It’s a calorie burner: You do not have run miles to burn those calories. Jumping role offers a great way to burn calories in your body. Based on your weight and the duration of exercise, you can burn a considerable amount of calories in your body. If you are seeking to lose weight, then you can count on jumping rope as one of the exercises that can help you achieve your goal.
  • Toning muscle: If you want to tone your muscle, there are many exercises you can do. Jumping rope can help you tone those muscles. A 20 to 30 minutes of a rope jumping exercise will work on your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, forearms, gastrocnemius, and deltoid muscle. It is a great way of improving the muscle tone in your lower body and legs.
  • Cardiovascular fitness: Besides these benefits, a jumping rope will increase cardiovascular fitness. The cardiovascular system consists of the arteries, veins, and the heart. With rope jumping, it improves the cardiovascular health thus allowing you to perform your daily tasks better. It also allows you to become less breathless when exercising.


When doing this exercise, you will find that during the first day of jumping, you might have some soreness in legs because the muscles the workout causes microtears. However, as you continue with your workouts, the microtears will heal by themselves in just a few days. From the damage and repair, your muscles will begin to get larger and stronger while also being toned.