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Getting Started With Rope Jumping Exercise to Blast Calories

It is one equipment that adults think it is meant for the kinds. You most probably are forty and the last time you picked up a jump rope was when you were eight. But what you may not realize is that, the rope jump exercise is one of the killer calorie burner you have around in your home. To get the best from your jumping rope workout, talk to a Coquitlam fitness coach. Here is how to get started with jumping ropes;

  • Get yourself a good jump rope. A plastic beaded or segmented one would be a perfect fit. The beaded rope weighs less but that weight is able to give it a momentum swing which makes sure you do not waste much energy to keep the rope in motion. The rope should be able to swing itself as you concentrate on the jumps once it has picked the momentum. The beaded ropes unlike lightweight materials like nylon, leather, or cotton, they are able to hold a nice and wide arc while not tangling in midair. This means the rope will not catch your feet and make you feel frustrated.
  • Since rope jumping is considered a bouncy workout, it is important you have a good pair of shoes as well as snug sports bra for the ladies. The best choice of shoes is a pair of aerobic workout or cross training shoes since they have a support at the foot’s ball where you land as you do the jumps. The breasts can be supported in a bra cup to help them stay in position when you bounce.
  • Take time to skip the rope even if it means doing it from the sunrise to sunset. The exercise will skyward your heart rate, and therefore, you should not be surprised that you have to stop for a few minutes. For beginners, they can do 5 to 15 minute jumping session while advanced exercisers can take 40 minutes jump session.


You can burn up to 200 calories in just 15 minutes and this is your real blast for calories. Jumping rope is that simple equipment to entertain your kids on ground but it can provide an intense exercise to help you get a chiseled body.