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Kettlebell Workouts for Muscle Strength and Endurance

Kettlebell is a type of weight that resembles a bowling ball with some handle. It is used to provide a weight training and cardio exercise for the body. Hosting these metal bells helps in strengthening the arms and pecs while also working on the core, lungs, and heart. The weight of kettlebells ranges from eight to about 100 pounds. A Coquitlam fitness trainer will tell you that- one thing, which makes kettlebell great is because it offers an offset center of gravity. This means that they body has to work hard to create and maintain balance. When you are working out and at the same time trying to maintain balance for your body, you are doing stability and core exercises at the same time. Here are a few things you need to know about kettlebell exercises;

  • Working out using kettlebell increases your core stability and mainly involves circuits that get the heart to pump and the muscles to strengthen. The technique you use will matter. This exercise should be done properly because mistakes can cause injury. You want to think of something like swinging around a gallon of water with the same weight as kettlebell, and you do this for about 30 minutes. You have to remain focused and have core stability.
  • Get a smooth handle for the kettlebell. If you use a kettlebell that does not have a smooth surface, you may experience problems with the hands. The hand may be roughed up by the handle. If you are buying kettlebells for your workouts, you want to get them in sets because it won’t be long before you advance to the next weight.


Always seek the help of a personal trainer when using kettlebells. The trainers can assist you to learn how to use the equipment. There are trainers who have been certified on kettlebell training, which is a few days certification. The unique shape of kettlebell allows one to transition from one exercise or workout to another without having to put it down. This is known as the kettlebell flow, and with such exercises, you are able to get a better metabolic burn and increase muscle within a short time.