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Squats Exercise- The Misunderstood Exercise

Although squat is considered a leg exercise, it actually provides movements that work on every other group of muscle in body. You have been squatting since you were a baby and as you get older and begin to sit in unnatural positions, your squat form is eluded from perfect making you not even know how to squat right. Squats mimic most natural movement patterns you do in everyday life. Whether you want to lose weight or gain strength, you can find these exercises very useful. Talk to your Coquitlam fitness trainer to get more insights on the importance of squats in your workout routines and how you can do them properly. Here are a few things you need to know about squat exercise;

  • Squats are referred to as a leg exercise, however, they work out almost all the muscle groups by catalyzing an anabolic workout environment.
  • This exercise is among the best functional exercises you can do to promote mobility and create balance while doing the daily activities with ease.
  • Although squats can destroy your knees, if done the right way, they can actually improve the stability of knees and strengthen the connective tissue.
  • Squats help in burning more calories since they develop the muscles. These are exercises you should include in every fitness routine since they offer whole body benefits.
  • You can expound on the number of muscles worked on through squat exercise by adding more weight. When you use barbell, weighted vest, or dumbbells, you are able to work on other muscle groups. Begin the routines with lighter weights and progress to heavier weights as you build your strength.


To ensure you do the exercises properly and avoid injury, consider working closely with a personal fitness trainer. Squats provide a compound movement, which uses more than one joint such as the knee and hip joints to complete. A simple bodyweight squatting exercise will use almost every muscle and if you add some weight like barbell or dumbbell, it works every other muscle group in body. Start your squat exercises today and see how you can tone and strengthen your muscles while also building your core.