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Top Benefits of Squat Exercise

Squats are exercises great for the lower body but they have also an impact on other muscles of your body when other moves are incorporated. You may use weights as you do your squats. Squats work most of the muscle groups of the hips, butt, and thighs. This versatile exercise offers many benefits to the exercisers. To get the  best results from a squat exercise, consider doing the workouts with help of a Coquitlam fitness trainer. The exercises can be done in any location with equipment and weight or not. Doing squats will engage your hamstrings, calf muscles, and quadriceps. The following are the benefits of squat exercises;

Toning legs

By working on muscles like the calf, hamstring, and quadriceps, it helps in toning and strengthening the legs. When the motion is slowed down, it makes the workouts even much more intense thus working out the muscles better.

Lifting the butt

Squatting exercise will give a powerful workout to the glutes by tightening and lifting the butt. In order to increase the effects of tight and lifted butt, you can give the glutes some extra squeeze when you are returning to the stand position.

Strengthening the core

Doing squats will work on the core muscles. The abdominal and back muscles are involved in the balance of the body when you do other activities or movements. If you work on these core muscles, you improve your stability. Squats will give you a tighter and flatter abdomen while also giving a slower back. In order to increase the effect, consider making a conscious effort in holding the abdominal muscles while you are squatting down.

Enhanced flexibility

Squats will enhance joint flexibility. The hips, knees, and ankles as well as lower back are engaged during the squat movement. When doing the exercises, ensure you maintain the right form to prevent injuries. In case you experience pain, try to stop doing the exercise until that pain is gone.

Squats can help in increasing bone density and giving the legs more strength. When you add some weight on your squat exercise, it engages other muscles such as those of the shoulder and arms.