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How Push Ups can Banish that Bulging Belly

Many people refrain from doing pushups because they consider the exercises to be a bit hard to execute. However, pushups can do wonders when it comes to working out different muscles in the body including the shoulders and arms. Regardless of how difficult an exercise or workout routine may seem, a Coquitlam fitness coach can provide a helping hand and make the moves easy for you to execute. Pushups not only make the upper body to grow stronger but also strengthen the midsection. Here is a bit of information about pushups for keeping your belly in good form;

  • Proper form is important when doing the exercise in order to avoid injury. People make the mistake of going too fast or using partial range of motion. When executing the exercise, first slow it down and try to use the three-second contraction. Begin right from the floor and push all the way as you lift the body weight or added weight. Ensure the elbows are aligned properly
  • Another element to consider when doing pushups is the technique of targeting different groups of muscles. While pushups are traditionally made to work out the chest muscles, when you alter the technique slightly, you could actually work on different groups of muscles including the abs. It is essential you understand the structure of abdominal walls so that you are able to know how to do the exercises properly.
  • You can use a progression of exercises to help you focus on the abdominal techniques while stimulating the muscles. If the body is accustomed to one particular form of exercise, it will adjust and you might begin to see slowed results. The idea is to confuse the muscles by altering the movements progressively in order to be able to keep them building up.


The exercise combines a plank movement with upper body pushing movement. This is one of the basic yet most important exercise for working out the midsection of the body. Pushups offer a higher form of value plank exercise, which will strengthen the abdominals as you hold them while the gravity tries to push the hips to the ground. The pushups also strengthen the upper body push muscles such as the triceps, shoulders, and chest.