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3 Exercises a Fitness Trainer Would Recommend Every Woman

Women want to have good shape and keep the belly fat off the body. They also want to have toned buttocks and that straight posture. You may wonder which forms of exercise could help women achieve these goals. A Coquitlam fitness coach will recommend a number of exercises to help in losing weight, conditioning the body, and building that slim appearance with tight butts. Squats, one-arm dumbbell rows, and bicycle crunches are three exercises that will transform the women’s body and give them that great desired look.

  • Squats: To engage more muscles in your body including the glutes, hamstrings, quads, outer thighs, and the core, you can use squats. While you may not need special equipment to do squats, you may want to make variations of the exercises to target more muscles by adding the dumbbells or using the stability ball to increase the challenge.
  • One arm dumbbell row: The easier way to make you look leaner and longer is to enhance your posture. When the weight of breasts of women pull the shoulder forward, you are likely to witness rounded shoulders among the women. This gives a bad posture to women. Weak upper back muscles may also result to this rounded shoulder appearance. Strengthening the lats will give the back a V shape and improve posture. The one arm dumbbell rows are intended to help you improve the posture and strengthen the upper back muscles. These exercises can work on different muscles at once including the shoulders, biceps, traps, and rhomboids thus improving the overall upper body strength.
  • Bicycle crunches: Crunches are good as they work on abdominal part but then you can make the exercises to be more effective by doing bicycle crunches. One of the most effective exercise that can work on the core is the bicycle crunch. It works on the oblique, abs, and the hip.


These exercises do not even require you to have some fancy equipment or attend gym classes. You can make them your fitness routine whether you train in the gym or at home. Let your personal trainer show you how to make these exercises fun while also delivering the fitness results you need.