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How A Fitness Trainer Can Help You Reduce Injury When Exercising

Exercises come in different forms and ranges and while some are easy to execute, you may find that some moves can only safely be done with proper coaching. In a pushup, a simple misalignment of the leg or knee could result to a serious injury. Stability and balance as well as technique in weight lifting or body movement is needed when doing exercises. Coquitlam fitness coaches can help you stay safe when doing your workouts. Here is how a fitness trainer will help you reduce injury;

Evaluate your fitness goals

Everyone has fitness goals and if you are going to train properly, you need to understand what you should achieve at the end of the training. A fitness goal provides a building block from where different workouts can be developed by a trainer. For example, if you are healing from a joint injury and want to speed up the healing process, then you should have an exercise that won’t put a lot of pressure on the already ailing joint.

On the other hand, a bodybuilder will require power exercises to be able to create microtears on the muscles will help in building them. For some people, muscle size may be their ultimate goal such as bodybuilders. If you are training for muscle size and growth, it will entail higher rep ranges than when training for power or strength.

Assist and teach you on different moves

When training, there are some exercises, which you cannot do on your own. You will need to be assisted by a personal trainer. Some moves are also complex and if you make a simple mistake, it could cost you an injury. If you are doing rope jumps and are worried about the knees or being uncoordinated when doing the rope jumps, then you should consult with a trainer. With the right technique, you will find jumping rope and other exercises very easy to master and cool to do.

If you are working out to reduce weight, remember that there is no one exercise that may be considered a complete weight reduction activity. You will need to incorporate a range of exercises that work toward reducing your weight. In order to cut back on weight you have to maintain the calories at low levels by ensuring your body does not store them in large amounts.