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Not Doing Enough Heavy Weight May Affect Your Workout Results

If you are doing fitness training, you need to understand how different exercises and workouts benefit the body. There are different workouts that you will need to adopt in your training but make sure they will give you the desired results. A Coquitlam fitness trainer can assist you to understand more on how you need to do your weight lifting. You may think that cardios will burn more fat than weight lifting, but this may not always be the case.

You may lift weights by doing high reps using small weights aiming to shred and rip the body instead of using heavier weight and doing less reps. When you do high reps, you are increasing the endurance of muscles and it may not even burn the fat. The best rep count that can add muscular size is within the range of 8 and 12 reps.

A true heavy weight lifting should be taken at lower reps about six or less, but you can also do up to 8 reps. This lower rep for heavy weight has some great results in boosting strength. It also keeps the testosterone levels at higher levels for an extended time period after you have worked out. This means that you will keep your metabolism high and be able to burn more fat even after the workout.

Weight training should be intended for strength building and not endurance. Low repetition sets are idea for offering fast twitch motor units as well as raising the level of testosterone in body. The motor units and the testosterones are very critical elements in achieving leaner physique.

While you should not only stick to six reps and less, there is need to have a rounded routine which encompasses of high, low, to moderate reps. This ensures that the body does not adapt to one load and keeps the muscles confused, which keeps them building.

If you are doing 8 to 10 rep sets, ensure they are done with challenging weight. If you are able to reach past 12 reps, you need to consider picking heavier sets of weights and aim at the 8-rep range. You should not be afraid to add more weight in your workout, as this will help in increasing testosterone levels, which can do wonders when it comes to attaining lean muscles.