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Why Your Body is not Chiseled Despite Doing Workouts

You hit the gym every week with all cardios and weight lifting, and while you do not take that crappy diet, you are not getting ripped. You may wonder what the problem is. Try to contact a Coquitlam fitness trainer to evaluate your training and determine whether what you are doing is right, and if it is, whether you are doing it correct. These reasons could be the answers as to why you are not getting ripped;

  • Have adapted too much specialized training that it is not giving you the results you want. If you are not getting results from your current lifting or other training program, you need to take a closer look at the workout. If you are doing single joint exercises or isolation exercises, you may need to review your workouts.
  • Too much cardio in your workout may be another problem. There is a misconception that cardios will get you leaner and lifting weights will get you bigger, and as a result, if your primary goal is to be more defined, you might make cardio the only centerpiece in your work. This makes you forget other equally important exercises. A mix and match of exercises is needed to get a shredded body through weight loss and lean muscles.
  • Inadequate weight lifting could also be another problem. There is a theory that cardio burns more fat compared to lifting. There is also the notion that lifting light weights with high reps makes you more ripped than doing lifting with heavier weights at lower reps. What exercisers need to understand is that high reps increase the muscular endurance but they may not necessarily burn the fat.

If you are training without seeing results, there may be an answer as to why you are going to the gym and you cannot see the six pack or striated muscles that you can show off. Your diet may not be related to this and genetics might not be blamed. It is most probably that what you are doing when you go to gym or train at home is what could be undermining your hard work and effort in fitness training.