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Things You Should Before Prior To Workouts

Before you hit the gym or start a fitness session at home, there are a few practices, which should be incorporated in the pre-workout time. If you fail to prepare the body for the exercises, you may experience an uninspired training session or even cause an injury. A Coquitlam fitness trainer can take you through the steps you should undertake before the real training session. Below are some of the things you should do as part of your pre-workout regime;

  • Fuel the body: While there is no hard and fast rule that defines how you should eat before workouts, you need to have a meal or snack at the appropriate time. It may depend on how your digestive system behaves. For some people, they may experience stomach upset when they eat soon before they workout. Other people may have no problem eating immediately before a work. If you can have a meal one hour before the training, it will give you the energy you need. Nonetheless, regardless of the timing, you should make sure you have protein and carbs in your diet.
  • Hydrate the body: You will need to hydrate your body before you workout. Taking water prior to a training session will prevent things like muscle cramps and dizziness. What you may want to avoid is taking a lot of water just before you train. This may cause disruptions with pee breaks or you could pee more than you retain. Working out while well hydrated will allow you to perform high levels than when dehydrated.
  • Warm up: Doing some warm up before you work out will increase the core temperature, muscle temperature, and blood flow. It also allows you to warm the tendons. In general, you will help the muscles to workout with optimum power and strength while reducing injuries. You may want to spend a few minutes warming up on low to moderate levels. You can do this on a rowing machine, stationery bike, or a treadmill.

It is not recommended to begin your workout session without preparing and conditioning the body for the activity. A solid workout routine will begin way before you step in that gym or break that sweat.