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How To Do Frog Lifts Tone Your Butt

Nowadays, exercises have diversified and during those times you feel like you do not want to do the usual routine, you can try out some workouts when lying down. Even if you are the lazy one or you don’t feel like you are in your best mood, you have no excuse not to break a sweat. Frog lifts are exercises that will flex and stretch your back while building the core by working out the abs. A frog lift will also tone your butt. Although it looks like a position for a nap, this exercise can work on your backside. It focuses on small but controlled pulses, which will target multiple muscle groups at the same time. Let your Coquitlam fitness trainer help you do the frog lift moves correctly;

  • You begin by lying facing down on ground and the hands folded right in front while the elbows are placed out. The rest of forehead is placed on hands. The knees are positioned to sides to allow the shins to remain perpendicular to ground while the heels are touching.
  • Pull the navel inward toward the spine and pulse your legs up by 1 to 2 inches, and then move them down without moving your body. You can do 12 pulses.
  • If you want to make the exercise harder, try to reach the arms out in front and then lift your chest off the ground while also doing the leg pulses.

With this workout, you will find that it offers good results by targeting your abs, back, and butt. You can work closely with the personal trainer to modify the move so that it gives you optimal workout. There is no limit on what kind of exercises you can do.

Even in those days you do not feel like you want to walk around or sprint on the treadmills, you can do some other moves while you lie on floor. Remember each exercise is designed to get you different results and depending on which body part or muscle group you are working, you can always incorporate a mix and match of exercises.