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Swimming Exercise: Low In Impact But High In Results!

It is good news for swimmers and people who want to transform their bodies since swimming offers a super effective exercise that can bring amazing results. You can learn more on how to make the best of swimming exercise from a Coquitlam fitness trainer. Depending on your swimming level and the kind of results you want, you can have the exercises modified to suit your needs. Below are a few points to note about swimming exercise;

  • One interesting thing is that hitting the waters has now topped the list of best-known workouts since it offers low impact exercises meaning it puts less stress on joints. It is also an ideal heart pumping exercise for your cardiovascular workout, which helps in lowering blood pressure and building endurance.
  • You can reduce the bad cholesterol in body by doing swimming exercises. For instance, a woman weighing 155 pounds would be able burn close to 223 calories when she swims for about 30 minutes.
  • The resistance provided by the water force to the body will make it harder to complete the movement, and it helps in toning of triceps, biceps, stomach, chest, and leg muscles.
  • Swimming exercise is not about doing perfect strokes- not for the first time. Swimmers should focus on how to get into the water and move. In addition, not all swimming exercises are the same. The strokes you choose and the way you structure the workout can go a long way in making a difference.
  • For beginners, they will most likely prefer the sidestrokes and backstrokes since they are not very difficult and they will not require one to breathe out underwater. But for the experienced people, they would choose freestyle and butterfly strokes.

Because the trickiest part when you are learning to swim is breathing, one should practice it in the shallow end. You can put your face underwater and then exhale through mouth and nose, and lift the face out of water and inhale before you go back to water. Practice this until you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable with breathing, then you may not execute your swimming strokes well.