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How To Do A Butt Workout

Having a lifted round butt with toned thighs is something that women yearn for as it makes them confident. A rounded butt will make one have that attractive physique which men want from women. One way in which you can work on your butt and the outer thighs is by doing the butt workout. You can use this exercise to melt the hips, butt, and thighs in one swoop. You can work with a Coquitlam fitness instructor to help you do the moves correctly and safely.

Some of the moves can be difficult to master and unless you have a helping hand of an experienced trainer, you might take too long to learn how to execute them properly. The following are the steps you need to do when executing the butt workout;

  • Get to the floor on all your fours and lower the right hip toward floor in order to allow the hips, ankles, and knees to be stacked.
  • Now, place your medicine ball or whatever you are using as substitute to the ball behind the left knee while squeezing your ball between your calf and thigh, and then lift the leg slightly.
  • Then raise the bent left leg behind and ensure it goes as high as you can before you lower to the start point. You can do this about 10 to 15 reps and switch the sides and repeat the same. Start with 3 sets and progress to more sets in a workout.

In the exercise, you may use the exercise ball but if you do not have it, you can do with a tennis ball or even rolled towel. Exercising is about achieving results from a workout and you do not have to use expensive equipment. You can modify and use what is available locally as long as it is save to use when exercising. The rolled towel may be placed in crook of the knee and properly squeezed so that it does not drop. A personal trainer can tailor the exercises so that they suit your fitness goals.