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Know Your Workouts: Corkscrew Plank

It does not sound good to be exercising at home or in gym facilities and you are doing moves or exercises, which you cannot tell what they are. You do not want to be a fitness instructor but then it also makes you feel confident and enlightened when you know the different moves you do every day. You may ask your Coquitlam fitness coach what is corkscrew plank. As you continue doing workouts, a trainer will introduce new moves and styles.

You do not need to master all of these moves by their names. The most important thing is to know how to execute them. The corkscrew plank exercise targets the shoulders, chest, back, triceps, butt, and the abs. It is an exercise that will work on different muscle groups including the upper body and the core area.

A corkscrew plank is basically a twist of the famous classic plank and acts on the lower back and shapes the shoulders. In doing this exercise;

  • You start on floor by getting into full plank position with the feet together and your hands directly placed under shoulders
  • With the palms planted on ground, you rotate your torso so that it sits on the floor from the right hip then bent your right knee on the floor in your front.
  • Press through the palms, lift your hip, and bent the right leg so that it is off the floor to return to the plank position. Not touching the right foot on floor, now bring the right leg slightly out so that it is to the side at hip level.
  • Now return the right hip to floor and then repeat the move. You can do about 15 to 30 reps switching sides on each circuit.

And Voila! You are done with your corkscrew plank exercise. When you are lifting the back up into plank position, make sure you do not lift too high as you may not be able to feel it through abs or the core. If you find any difficulties, consult with your trainer, he or she will assist to do the moves correctly.