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How To Execute The “Skull Crusher With Scissor” Exercise

Different exercises will target different parts of the body. At times, you may use combined exercises and other times isolated exercises. When you are working on your body, you may not want to concentrate entirely on one or few groups of muscles. As much as you would want to have a big muscled chest, you also need to have sturdy toned legs and a defined abs muscles. A skull crusher with scissors is an exercise that primarily targets the triceps and abs muscle groups. Talk to your Coquitlam fitness trainers to find out what other exercises you can do.

The truth is that there are so many workouts and moves you can execute and what you need to do is determine, which ones are effective in producing the desired results. Besides, you also want to do exercises that you enjoy. Here is how you can execute the skull crusher with scissors exercise;

  • Lift your face up on the mat and have your dumbbells in both hands. Ensure the legs and arms extend toward the roof or ceiling, and the palms face each other.
  • Keep the upper arms fixed while you bend your elbows to lower the dumbbells by the ears levels. At the same time, lower the left leg to the mat but make sure it does not touch down.
  • As you switch your leg position, straighten your arms. Now continue for about 1 minute as you alternate the legs.
  • In order to make the moves easier, you may want to keep the legs extended up during the workout.

 When doing this exercise, focus on low but controlled leg lifts. Also make sure you stabilize the elbows by having moves, which will assist in gaining flexibility while keeping the body firm. Your abs forms the core muscle and it is ideal for the body stabilization. When you build the core, you make your body stable and firm for daily activities. You are able to keep balance and prevent falls. A fitness trainer can help you discover many exercises, which will transform your physique, strength, and endurance.