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What Post Workout Habits Will Burn More Calories

It is no brainer to eat after a workout but at times you may not even feel hungry after you have worked out. The more you work out, the less you are likely to feel hungry. You might be tempted to skip a snack but you ought to remember it is important to eat after you have been in hard sweat session. A Coquitlam fitness can assist you understand things you should do after you have finished lifting the weights, jogging, swimming, sprinting on treadmills, or any other day’s exercise. This ensures that you derive the best from the workout.

The body needs to replenish what has been depleted by the grueling session including the stored glycogen and electrolytes that have been used up. It also needs to replenish the fluids and repair the damaged tissue while also allowing for new toned tissue to form.

 The right time to eat after a workout

Timing is critical when you take a post-workout snack. If you take a snack within 15 minutes or one hour after you have completed a workout, you will be able to recover faster and develop more metabolism boosting muscles. In addition, you may even eat right away after the exercise and this implies the workout will not be cancelled as you will be replenishing the energy stores you have lost while also rebuilding the muscles.

What should consist of a post-workout snack?

The fact that you need to take something after you have worked out does not give you an excuse to take anything you come across- not those chocolates and cakes. You have to be selective on what you eat. If you are exercising to lose weight, you should be careful with the calories in a snack.

A high calorie snack or a sports drinks will add more calories in body. Go for a snack with less than 150 calories and about 20 grams protein, as well as 30 grams carbs. This is so if you have hit the gym for more than one hour. If you have just had a quick session, then you may want to choose a protein recovery drink rather than the snack