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How To Execute A Dancing Bug Workout

Fitness training is all about discovering different workouts, executing them properly, and seeing results. You will not be happy if you workout and you cannot see results. A dancing bug is an exercise that targets your abs and the obliques. When you move a stability ball in between opposite legs and arms, you are actually hitting the abs from different ankles. This way, you are not just focusing on middle muscles but ensuring that you workout every part of the muscles. To execute your dancing bug exercise properly, do it with help of a Coquitlam fitness trainer.

 A trainer will show you how you can maintain balance and keep safe when you do exercises. The dancing bug exercise is performed on floor or at your back. Here are the steps that you should follow when you do the exercise;

  • Lie on the floor facing up and have the arms and legs extended up too towards the ceiling. Keep the palms and shins well pressed into the stability ball.
  • Now lower your left arm as well as the right leg toward the floor. Ensure you get as close as possible to the floor but you do not touch down. Then return to the start position and lower both the right arm and the left leg.
  • You can do about 25 to 30 reps while alternating the different sides.

With these few steps, you will have completed your dancing bug exercise. You may experience some hurdles here and there especially when you are building your balance. One thing that brings many challenges when doing exercises is keeping balance. However, as the core muscles begin to develop, you find that you can use the things like the medicine balls quite comfortably and do complex moves.

A trainer can help you when you feel like stuck at one point to make sure you progress effectively in each exercise you do. Diversify the number and form of exercises you do. Even with one exercise, you can keep on modifying it so that you are not bored by same moves and the body does not adjust to the workouts.