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What Is Bridge Press Exercise And How Can You Do It

There are many exercises you can execute at home or in gym facilities to work out the body. Bridge press is an exercise that targets the shoulders, triceps, chest, and the butt. It helps in burning the body out. This exercise isn’t difficult to execute and it can be incorporated in your workout. A Coquitlam fitness trainer will tell you that there is no any single workout that can give you the desired results. You will have to identify a number of exercises and moves that can work on different muscles groups and not just isolation exercises.

With the bridge press, you push the hips up in synchronization with the chest press. This ensures that you workout the upper and the lower of the body at the same time. This is the way in which the exercise should be done for optimal results;

  • Lie facing up on the floor and have the knees bent and pointed toward ceiling, and the feet flat. Grab your dumbbells in hands then hold them to the chest. Bend the elbows by ribs at about 90 degrees. This makes sure that the forearms remain perpendicular to the floor and the palms face each other.
  • Extend the arms upwards while lifting the hips and squeezing the glutes to make a bridge. While holding to the bridge position, push the dumbbells up and then lower them down to the chest. Now return to the start position. You can do about 15 reps.

You can use dumbbells or kettlebells depending on what you prefer. Ensure you use weights that you can support. You do not have to start with heavy weights. You can use smaller load and progressively increase it as you get used to the workout. Discuss with your personal trainer on the best ways to achieve greater fitness results.

You will always find something interesting especially if you are able to change the routines you do. When you do the same workouts, the body is likely to adjust to such same exercises and you start not seeing results as before. But by making a change, you deceive the body muscles and they will keep on building.