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Group Personal Training: The Changing Face in Fitness Training

Fitness training used to be done from either a gym facility or home without a one-on-one trainer or through a personal trainer. If you are talking about a personal trainer, it means that you would have a fitness coach who is dedicated to only you. But the cost of hiring a fitness instructor may be more if that person is going to coach you alone in a session. When you consider a Coquitlam group personal training, you may cut back on what you have to pay but still get that personalized coaching though in a form of group setting. You are not the only one who is being trained during a session.

Group training vs. exercise class

An exercise class is designed to allow the entire group to follow same exercise in a session. It may be a step aerobics, Zumba class, or Body Pump class- these are examples of group exercise classes. In these classes, you show in a gym or other place and perform the motions or moves that are being cued or demonstrated. There is no specialized or individualized training. It is a choreographed form of training. On the other hand, the group training it is done in a set of individuals forming a group but the exercisers are instructed on how to follow their individual moves.

Why fitness coaches are turning to group training

Fitness trainers are offering personalized group fitness training because they are able to meet the interest of different people at the same. It would be easier to handle a group than each client privately. It is also cheaper to charge for the services so that clients do not feel burdened by the higher fees charged for the typical private fitness training.

Although you perform your own exercises, and are instructed on how to do them by the fitness coach, you are not the only one. You get a personal training instruction alongside other people who all have different exercises or workout to perform. The groups are small and manageable meaning that each fitness student is attended to personally in their training needs.