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Floor Exercises: Lying Half Jack

There are many exercises you can perform when you lie on the floor and they too can work out different parts or muscle groups. The lying half jack exercise is one designed to work on the shoulders, abs, and the butt. With this exercise, you are taking your jumping jacks right to the mat on the floor. When you do not feel like bouncing or running around in your routine, just calm down and consider a back exercise you will perform on the floor mat. Consult with a Coquitlam fitness trainer to see how you can spruce up your workouts with new ideas and moves.

When doing the lying half jack exercise, ensure you keep the toes pointed in order to tap down to tone that butt and thighs. Here is how to get along with the exercise;

  • Lie on the floor on your right side and have the torso propped up on your right elbow. Now extend the left arm straight up to make sure you touch the left toes at the top of the foot. Ensure that you have the left leg turned inward so the toes remain pointed down.
  • Then lower your left arm by about 45 degrees while raising the left leg by 45 degree, and all this time the toes should be pointing downward. Now, do 12 reps and then switch sides and do a repeat.

This is an easy exercise that will help in toning the butt and strengthening the abs muscles. It will also target your shoulder muscles. The good thing with some of these floor exercises is that they can work on different muscles of the body including the legs, arms, shoulder, and the core.

With help of a personal trainer, you are able to learn these and many other exercises you can do when on floor. It will not require you to jump here and there or go jogging on the road. You will have it all on the floor by the gym or at home. The flying half jack exercises can be as effective as other workouts when done properly.