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What Are the Benefits of Group Personal Training?

In the past, doing fitness training meant that you would be a lone wolf executing moves in the gym, did a group exercise class such as aerobics, or you hired a private or personal trainer to coach you individually. People want personalized training because it helps them meet their fitness goals. However, they still do not want to pay hefty prices that would be charged in one-on-one training. This has given birth to group personal training, which is different from group fitness classes. Here are the benefits of consulting with a Coquitlam group personal training coach;

  •  Saves you money: Since the trainer is not training you alone, it means several students can be coached in one session. It will cost less for the group than it would cost for an individual on one-on-one training. For example, a trainer would charge about $1,000 for a month for an individual who would want a private fitness training. On the flip side, in a group training, the clients would pay about $150, which means that the clients can shell out a few hundred dollars a month for the same kind of training they would have to pay more price. This surely saves people money.


  • Motivation: When you train in a group, there is that motivation you build from the instructor and the peers. You are seeing people working hard to push themselves to the limit and you also do not want to be left behind. When in a group setting, there is more energy and a bit of good competition. It is human nature to see people wanting to do what others are doing. If the person next to you is giving out all his or her effort, you are mostly likely to strive to do the same or even exceed that. This way, you remain motivated.

In the private fitness training, you do not feel like striving hard and although the instructor may motivate you, it is easier to get even more motivated when you are in a group where there is positive peer influence. Besides, even a trainer may find it hard to motivate an unmotivated person. You may want to consider a group training for your workouts through a personal trainer