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Is There Any Disadvantage of Group Personal Training?

In this world, everything has a positive and a negative side. With group personal training, it comes with many benefits that you may not get from another kind of training. You will have a personalized coaching but at a much lower price. You also enjoy being in a group, as it motivates you. The peer influence you get from other fitness students when in a Coquitlam group personal training allows you to work hard and remain motivated. However, with all these benefits, there is also the downside of having a group personal training.

 Not 100% one-on-one training

There is nothing, which could entirely replace an one-on-one coaching where you are the only one being trained. Considering that in a group, more people are involved in the exercises, it means the instructor has to cater for their needs. He or she has to coach and instruct them all. This may be a challenge and that is why the group should be manageable and not like in a class setting.

Only a few number of people may form a manageable group. Even with that manageable group, it implies that there will be time you are doing the moves alone while another person is being instructed. You do not get 100% dedication from a fitness coach though you are trained, instructed, or coached at a personal level. It won’t surely replace a pure private fitness coaching.

Possibility for injuries

In addition, in a group setting, there isn’t time to correct every other incorrect movement. This means that some mistakes may go unnoticed and you might do and repeat some bad habits that could easily be noticed is a private fitness training. Injuries may be witness in such group settings more than it would occur with pure private fitness training.

With the several people, all moving in their own ways and at their own paces, such lapses in attending to each student are likely to be witnessed. Nonetheless, there is some degree of personalized training. If you are going to seek group personal training, you need to realize that there are benefits and also downfalls. You should weigh the benefits and see if they out weigh the disadvantages.