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Cardiovascular Exercise for Fat Loss

Aerobics is a form of exercise, which involves working out at a continuous submaximal pace within a given timeframe. Doing cardiovascular exercise at a steady pace can provide you with an effective fat loss exercise. If you can exercise for about 20 to 60 minutes at an intensity that is around 60 to 80 percent of the maximal heart rate, you could see yourself begin to shed the fat in body. In a single exercise of this nature, it makes it easy for an overweight individual or low level fitness person to be able to burn a considerable amount of calories within one training sessions. Consult with a Coquitlam group personal training to get more insights on how to derive the best out of cardiovascular workouts for fat loss. But here are a few things to know about this kind of workout;

  • Unless the exercise is vigorous in terms of intensity, then you may not be able to raise the metabolism rate in body, which is integral in burning fat.
  • Exercisers need to know that changes in body composition by having muscle mass increases are actually negligible. Moreover, excessive aerobic exercise could also have negative effects on your muscle mass in the long term. Talk to your group personal trainer to understand more on how you can make the best out of your workout.
  • On the positive side, when you have low intensity cardiovascular workout, it helps improve your glucose sensitivity, which means it has a positive impact on your P ratio. To understand more about P ratio, when one over eats food, it is stored in body as muscles and fat. Now, the ratio in which people gain weight is referred to as P or partitioning ratio. The move people store energy in form of muscles instead of fat, the leaner they are able to get. And, an increase in muscle mass will increase metabolism meaning that reducing weight becomes much easier.

With a low intensity cardiovascular workout, it means that the calories you take in body are more likely to be stored in form of glycogen and not fat. It also means that you can perform these exercises more regularly. You may want to maximize the cardiovascular exercises with movements such as rowing, running, and swimming.