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Combing Complexes, Antagonist Supersets, and Circuit Training

If there is one training which can offer great metabolic activity while also allowing for more energy cost demand is combining complexes with antagonist supersets and circuits. While there are many ways the exercises can be combined, doing them in this order- complexes, circuits, and antagonistic supersets, may offer great results. You may want to get desirable results through Coquitlam group personal trainingBelow is a brief examination of the three exercises;

  • Complexes: With complexes, you mix a number of exercises together in order to ensure that one rep is made up of multiple movements to allow more energy to be used without causing fatigue in one muscle. Good examples of complexes are overhead press and front squat done in one exercise. You can do the front squat and use the same weight to perform the overhead press.
  • Circuit training: Though similar to complexes, in circuits, you do all reps in one exercise by moving from one exercise to another to complete the reps. Because it can be challenging, most fitness classes reduce the weights meaning the intensity is less than you would get from steady state training. Ensure you use weights that challenge the body and make about 12 to 25 reps.
  • Antagonistic supersets: In these exercises, you choose two opposing workouts such as pull-ups and barbell overhead press. When doing the exercise, you do not attempt all the sets for one before you move to the other. Instead, you alternate by doing one set, then taking a rest and switching on to other. You alternate the moves until you complete all the sets. Since the rests are brief, you may find that it takes you less time to complete the two exercises.

These exercises offer many benefits, which include increased muscle mass, increased resting metabolism, which allows calories to burn even after you complete the workout, and better P ratio. There is also a raised metabolism following a workout when you combine these exercises. They can offer a reasonable acute calorie torching. Your group personal trainer can assist you to get the desired results in doing these exercises.