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What Are The Benefit of Doing Planks

At times, the simplest of movements you do may result to the most gains in your fitness. This is the case with planks. Planks are done by holding the trunk portion off ground and ensuring that it is in straight line. Planks makes one of the most effective exercise for conditioning your core. It also works on hamstrings, glutes, and supports proper posture while also improving balance. You can do your plank exercise in a Coquitlam group personal training so that you work hard and get motivation from the peers.

If you have never done planks, they may seem easy and of little benefit but that is not the case. It may be straightforward to get into proper form but the challenge comes in holding the position because it requires strength and endurance from the back, abs, and the core. Below are the benefits of plank exercises;

  • Tones the belly: Planks will help in building the deeper inner core muscles, which are the foundation for that six pack you may be seeking. You will have stronger abdominal muscles while also tightening the midsection. But remember that for you to have that six pack, you will also need to shed fat, which is about 6 percent body fat loss for men and about 9 percent for women.
  • Increases flexibility: Planking will increase your flexibility and build strength within the posterior muscles. In addition, the muscles around the shoulder, shoulder blades, and collarbone will stretch and expand. The hamstrings and arches of feet and toes are also worked out. You can stretch your sides by doing side planks.
  • Reduces back pain: Because planks strengthen the core, they work to reduce back pain. Plank exercises require less movement but they contract all layers of abdominal fascia, and this is an ideal way of strengthening the core, which helps reduce back pains.

In addition to these benefits, planks will improve your mood, balance and posture. Planks help in relaxing muscles, which are often stiffed and tensed due to prolonged sitting, and this lifts up your spirit. When you do your planks correctly, you are engaging your abs by ensuring that they stay upright and side planks will build your balance.