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The Secret Behind Foam Rolling Recovery Exercises

Foam rolling, also known as self myofascial release, is not only a technique for coaches, professional athletes, or therapists, but a practice for every other person in a fitness routine. If you are to get results from your workouts, you need time for the body and muscles to recover from the microtears or the tightness and trigger points. So, if you think that foam roller isn’t for you, then you are mistaken. Join a Coquitlam group personal training to get insights on how to obtain good results from workouts.

On that day you are off workouts, try to use a foam roller to roll out your muscles on the roller in a back and forth movement while using the body weight as the load. Ensure you roll out the kinks in quads, glutes, calves, hips, back, chest, and other muscles that feel tight. Where you feel like there is a knot, try to stay on it as you roll. Hang out there with the rocking back and forth movements until you feel that the knot is worked out.

The poor man’s massage- foam rolling

It is one effective tool that you can use for physique building, recovering from a workout period, and preventing injuries. Because of the drastic and immediate effect you get from use of these tools, they are gaining popularity in fitness exercises.

Often called the poor man’s massage, the foam rolling is a hands on technique, which applied a long duration of low load dragging force across a layer of soft tissues in body. Through the technique, the body is able to release from trigger points and tensions.


Benefits of foam rolling

In every gym enthusiast, foam rolling provides many benefits. It is used as an exercise for recovering the body and preventing muscle tightness. It also increases the flow of blood in muscles while also enhancing the range of motion. It will reduce the recovery time you get from a workout and decrease the chances of getting an injury. Your next training session can come quicker than before when you use these active recovery practices.