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What Are The Common Mistakes Made When Doing Plank Exercises

When performing planks, you need to ensure proper form otherwise, overdoing it could result to injury. If you feel some pain on neck or back when executing the exercise, it might indicate that there is weakness in lower or upper regions of spine. In case you have a weak core, the spine is likely to snap and this could cause compression in vertebrae, induce pressure on the disk, and trigger shoulder joint inflammation. These are things you would want to avoid by ensuring that you indulge in a Coquitlam group personal training to get a personalized coaching in workouts. Here are common mistakes you need to avoid when you do planks;

  • Allowing the hips, shoulders, or head to drop when you are in plank position
  • Holding your breath
  • Placing the hands very close together, something that causes internal rotation and lack of stability at the shoulder joint
  • Holding the position for very long. While you may want to challenge the body by holding the position for an extended time, it is important that you maintain proper form but for a shorter period instead of holding an improper position for a longer time. It does not produce good results and could end up with an injury.

You should be careful whenever you do planking especially if you have an injury or back pain. If you are a beginner, you may want to try holding the position for a few seconds only and work your way up as you build strength until that time you will be able to do planks for longer.  This will save you from injury and ensure you are doing the exercises properly.

Remember that if you do not workout correctly, you might not get the desired results. With help of a group fitness training instructor, you are able to get guidance on how to execute the planks in proper form. Since the session is done in group, you can derive a lot of inspiration as you watch others put their effort to work hard. It is a good way to work out if you do not want to train in gym or home as a lone wolf.