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How Can Tempo Runs Help The Body

Tempo runs are also referred to as threshold runs, and they are some of the most simple and straightforward speed workouts you can do. Unlike other speed works like the track based workouts, with the tempo runs, there are no repetitions to remember or keep track of. What you need to is have a sustained period of fast run. In your Coquitlam group personal training, you may time in time have to do the tempo runs as part of your workout or as a recovery form of exercise to help the body heal from the previous workouts.

A tempo run offers a run done at a comfortably hard pace and its aim is to allow the body to be able to endure comfortable runs at higher speeds when compared to the longer steady runs you make. It is also used as a way to help in active recovery after you have been in a workout duration.

When you want to recover from a workout, you should make sure that the body gets to the muscles to speed up the healing process of the microtears, tightness, and knots. This is where tempo runs come in handy. While they are similar to an interval training, the runs can be used for recovery as well.

In a recovery tempo run, one would be required to do a run of about 60 percent of the maximum speed for 100 meters and walk for another 50 meters before repeating the run. This can be done on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical. It may also be done on roads.

Although the heart rate and breathing will increase, ensure you do not feel like pushed to the maximum because this isn’t a real workout but rather a recovery exercise. A tempo run may also be added to your regular workout program in order to improve your running efficiency by increasing speeds.

Depending on the purpose for incorporating tempo runs on your workout, you should make sure they are done properly. When done properly, tempo runs can help you in your exercises by making sure to get back to form pretty quickly.