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What are the Benefits of Toe Touching Exercises?

Touching the toes does not seem a problem when you are a baby but as you begin to count the years, it becomes a tall order. Try to perform this with your legs placed straight and you will discover that you are not all that flexible or your core and thighs are not that flexible. You may perform toe touching with a variety of positions, and this is what determines which part of body benefits from the workout. During your Coquitlam group personal training, try to discover more of the toe touching exercises and their variations from the personal trainer. There are many benefits that come with toe  touching exercises and they include;

  • Stretching the back and hamstring. The classic standing toe touch will stretch the hamstrings and the four muscle groups found in the back of thigh. Using this exercise, you can also work on the erector spinal muscles that are found on the lower back.
  • Targets abs. You can target the abdominal muscles by combining toe touches with crunch sometimes known as the toe touch crunch or vertical toe touch. In this exercise, you lie in the position of standard crunch and extend the legs towards ceiling in order for the thighs to remain perpendicular to floor. You now lift the head and shoulders as you do when performing standard crunches and extend the arms farthest possible toward the toes. You then try to maintain that position for about 10 seconds or as much as you can do but comfortably and in proper form.
  • You may also perform the toe touch as dynamic stretches and not only static stretches. In doing the dynamic stretches, you can warm up your body. The walking toe touches can work on hamstrings and the hips. In this exercise, you stand straight and step forward with left foot while you simultaneously reach down to touch your toes at the bottom.

Do a number of variations to target different areas of the back, thigh, and core. The toe touching exercise is ideal for the posterior chain and the core.