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Calorie-Torching Cycling Workout

Cycling is one foolproof way of getting your legs worked and inducing great sweat. It is an exercise you can use to strengthen the legs, back, arms. Cycling also makes your heart to work efficiently while also aiding in weight loss. You can also push yourself at high intensity. Because cycling provides a means of transport, it makes it easy to fit the exercise in your daily routine. From a Coquitlam group personal training, you can learn more about the benefits of cycling and how you can do it properly for optimal results. It will get you fit while saving you money in transport. Here are a few things to know about cycling;

  • Cycling incinerates calories by burning more than 800 calories in an hour. It will sculpt the butt and legs with zero impact. The exercise is also friendly to joints unlike other exercises that may exert a lot of pressure in joint causing injuries.
  • You will enjoy the exercise since it is boredom proof. Cycling will get you out of gym or the steamy spinning room and expose you to the sun and beautiful scenery while enjoying the speed.
  • This exercise is also adaptable in that you could ride solo, with the family, or buddies.
  • Cycling is known to be notorious in making killer legs. It will tone the quads, calves, and glutes since they are involved in propelling the bike. When you work the handle bar, it sculpts the upper body too. This will give you a balanced body tone.

Bring your significant other or a friend and begin your cycling exercise. It will get your body worked and transform the legs, butt, and the heart strength. You may include other exercises in your workout to target different muscle groups.

Talk to your personal trainer to see which exercises will fit in your routine. With group training, it will ensure you get a personalized coaching while you see how other people are pushing themselves to the limit. This will encourage you to also work hard to achieve better results in your workouts.